• Sweaty Investing

    Sweaty Investing

    I Blog about Finance Investing &Life — Designed for people willing to sweat a little more to earn a little bit more! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ajmims16

  • Komal Salman

    Komal Salman

    A media student who happens to be a history geek!

  • Arsalan


  • Sabahat Bokhari

    Sabahat Bokhari

    Executive Coach | OD Expert | D&I Consultant | Transformation Strategist

  • Bernard Loki

    Bernard Loki

    I’m a Copywriter, Content Strategist, Digital Marketing, and Automation Manager, and a great AI enthusiast.

  • Sara Sultan

    Sara Sultan

    Energy scientist | Study Abroad Mentor | Writer | Explorer | Tech Entrepreneur | Women rights advocate | Feminist

  • Aleena Nadeem

    Aleena Nadeem

    Materials engineering student at ODTÜ. Addicted to chai and books. Instagram: @aleenanadeem4 (personal), @elaichee_ (food blog)

  • Inam Ur Rehman

    Inam Ur Rehman

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