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  • Nadja Bester

    Nadja Bester

    Writer. Journalist. Comms specialist. Lecturer | Lover of all things environmental, blockchain, and crypto | Semi-equal parts digital nomad & worldschool mom.

  • Elena Borisova

    Elena Borisova

    Product, data, decision-making, philosophy| Learning from everything that went wrong | Digital Product Designer | elenaborisova.com

  • Arooj Ismail

    Arooj Ismail

    Girl with the extra rib also the co-founder of a tech startup in Pakistan.

  • Giana Pella

    Giana Pella

    Writer. Grad Student. World traveler with a fear of flying. gianapella.com

  • Maha Jabbar

    Maha Jabbar

    As a creative, I refuse to be confined to one title, but if I have to choose an all-encompassing word to describe all that I am, I would say I am a ‘woman’.

  • Maya Ris

    Maya Ris

    Initiator, Healer, Teacher. I help people reconnect to their truest essence and teach them how to activate others: https://www.soulcentering.com/

  • Sara Sultan

    Sara Sultan

    Energy scholar, Researcher, Nustian, Pakistani, Artist, Writer, Explorer

  • Benny Lim

    Benny Lim

    Writing my way to a better life, one article at a time

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