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  • Salman Lakhani

    Salman Lakhani

    From North America to South Asia, Salman is known as an expert in mobile, startups, product strategy, software development user experiences and e-commerce biz.

  • Shamim Rajani

    Shamim Rajani

    Mother of two | Founder & COO at Genetech Solutions | Entrepreneur | Mentor | Blogger

  • Asim Rais Siddiqui

    Asim Rais Siddiqui

    An innovative business technologist and strategist, and over 10 years of experience, he helps build scalable platforms and disruptive businesses.

  • The Bauss Girls NFT

    The Bauss Girls NFT

    Sassy, classy, and finessy: An NFT project by women, on women, for women. From women at home to women in space, we stand for all!

  • Melanie Mohr

    Melanie Mohr

    CEO at YEAY / https://womprotocol.io/ / Blockchain Entrepreneur/ Gen Z Entrepreneurship Advocate. Attending conferences, speaking on “Self-Sovereign Marketing”

  • Fairyproof Tech

    Fairyproof Tech

    Make It a Safer Place

  • Anna Buldakova

    Anna Buldakova

    AI/ML Product manager at Facebook (ex-Intercom, ex-Yandex).

  • Lazarina Stoy

    Lazarina Stoy

    talks about freelancing, productivity, marketing, and data science • SEO & Data Science Manager • other work on @ lazarinastoy.com 🌊

  • Julia Poenitzsch

    Julia Poenitzsch

    Co-Founder & CFO at peaq

  • Aby Sam Thomas

    Aby Sam Thomas

    writer. journalist. editor in chief @EntMagazineME. alum @columbiajourn. conformIng non-conformIst. not much of a tweeter. but trying hard.

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