Weddings in Islamabad — Find Out Who Are the Top Photographers

Salman Sabir
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Weddings in Pakistan are no less than a festival. There are multiple traditional events stretching over a few days before and after the marriage ceremony which people enjoy wholeheartedly, making some unforgettable memories in the process. Since the advent of social media, the importance of wedding photography is increased manifolds, as people like to preserve and share the happiest moments of their life in the best way. The #weddingseason or #shadiseason have to be among the most commonly used hashtags in the Pakistani Instagram circuit, for celebrities and common people alike.

It is not different in the country’s capital, where people plan and participate in the wedding very enthusiastically. The rituals, events and activities involving a wedding in Islamabad are sure to uplift everyone’s mood and take them away from their usual troubles about work and everything else. In the times of COVID-19, the weddings have to be much smaller, with most close people being part of the events, but that is no reason for it to not be the most memorable event of the people’s lives.

This makes wedding photography even more important than it ever was, as it surely can enclose your memories in an album of well-captured pictures and videos. So without wasting more words and effort, let’s start looking at some of the best wedding photographers in Islamabad who are sure to add the magic touch to your wedding.

Adding the magic touch to weddings in Islamabad, the strength of Fatography lies in the immense talent and proficiency of Fatimah Haroon, the studio’s owner known for her marvellous work within Pakistan and elsewhere. Apart from delivering her services for several weddings within Islamabad, Fatimah has worked in several Bollywood and Hollywood projects, landing her up with an opportunity to walk the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. The photographer will again become the talk of the town once her latest photoshoot with Cengiz Coskun aka Turgut Alp is out. If you are planning a wedding any time soon, you must check out some Fatography Weddings to look at her amazing work in this category.

Jiah’s Photography
Owned and managed by Jiah Ali, a proficient photographer and a social worker as well, Jiah’s Photography is one of the most trusted and popular agency in Islamabad. Even though it is a highly-rated company, it is known to offer very moderate prices for the middle-class section of the society, who otherwise won’t be able to afford such a high-ranking agency for their weddings. The studio is present in Islamabad and for those who don’t know, was the one to discover and popularize the blue-eyed Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala. There are many other popular works of Jiah Ali which you can find on her website Jiah’s Photography.

Rang-E-Zeest is a popular photography studio. It holds the credit for introducing the trend of pre-wedding photoshoots, covering all the festivities and events leading up to the main wedding ceremony. It is also based in Islamabad and has provided its services for several high-profile weddings and has garnered a lot of appreciation and praise from all. The Rangezeest website exhibits some of the studio’s latest shoots which speak of their immense talent and eye for creativity.

X Productions Media
X Productions Media is run by Ms Maha Wajahat, popular for her work in different sectors of the photography industry. She is also popular by the name of Maha’s Photography, with over 600,000 followers of Facebook. It is one of the oldest studios in Islamabad and has a vast portfolio of different weddings within the city. The studio is famous for its catchy video creation, which adds their impressive photography work making your weddings memorable.

Iffti’s Photography
It well-known and respected name for events photography in Islamabad. With an experienced team of professionals on hand, the studio has time and again churned out amazing photography work for weddings and other events. Being in the business for a long time, the changes in technology and trends can be easily seen in their vast portfolio on the Facebook and Instagram page of Iffti’s Photography, with every shoot equally capable of leaving a lasting impression.

With these options present within the city, you won’t have to go elsewhere to find high-end photography options to cover your weddings and other festive events in Islamabad. All these photographers, along with some more in the city, are capable of delivering the highest standards of services which will ensure a magical portrayal of your wedding, which will leave you nostalgic whenever you look at them in the future.



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